Frazer Nash Acedes 2litre AC
This is the very first Frazer Nash to have had the 2 litre Six cylinder AC engine fitted, the donor car being an Acedes hence the name 'Acedes Nash'.
This Brooklands racer of the 1930’s, features in John Bolster renowned 1940s book. On the subject of unique ‘Specials’, under the heading ‘AC Nash’ on page 29. The car is well described and evidently caught John’s eye as a rather rapid machine, these days featuring a two seater-sports car body.

The Acedes Nash is such a period ‘Special’, first appearing in the early 1930s and constantly refined and developed since to her current evolution. I hasten to add that this is the very first Frazer Nash to have had the 2 litre Six cylinder AC engine fitted, the donor car being an Acedes hence the name 'Acedes Nash'. Until then it was known as the Abbott Nash, from the coach building firm that constructed its first body. When ownership passed to Peter Neale in 1937, he re-named it the Acedes Nash and even had a special radiator badge made for it. The best way to cover the car's complete history I feel is in the form of the bullet points at the end of this write up. This more fully explains the car's pedigree and development timeline over the last 90 plus years.

First, of all it’s important to cover the time since 1961 and the acquisition by the present owner in 2014.

In 1961 RHO 458 was purchased by John Kerridge and shipped to the USA with him when he emigrated. In 1997, after the car had languished in storage for 35 years, John started a timely rebuild covering the engine and bodywork. However, being short of funds a new rather tatty homemade body was fabricated reminiscent of the style of the earlier 1950 two seater coachwork, with pointed tail. Once completed in 2000, the Acedes Nash's first outing was at Laguna Seca and following this it was actively campaigned at various high profile race tracks throughout the USA, as well as local club race meetings. An important moment for John was taking pole position, and taking the final flag in 2nd place at 2012 Monterey Re-union.

Following John’s untimely death at the end of 2012, the Acedes Nash was placed on the open market and in early 2014 found a new UK owner. Once in the UK, with Import Taxes paid, its original registration number re-issued and with a new VSCC buff form, the car was out on the VSCC circuit, its first outing being VSCC Prescott in 2015. At this first outing, made under the watchful eye of many Frazer Nash owners, it was clear they were delighted to see the return of such a historically important car. But the new owner was disappointed with how far the car had departed aesthetically from the traditional Fraser Nash style and as he had always intended to re-body it, he decided to set about this task.
So a plan was hatched and much advice sought until the right vision was grasped and the task of re-creating the bodywork was given to the very experienced Keith Hill. It was understood that the original distinctive Frazer Nash radiator should be returned and a pointed tail should be re-produced, reminiscent of the tail the car sported in June 1939, when Peter Neale beat Fane (in a 328 Frazer Nash-BMW) to FTD at Shelsley Walsh demoting Fane to 2nd place.

With the cosmetic work underway, attention turned to the mechanics, and the engine was entrusted to Anthony Seddon Racing in the shadows of Oulton Park for a complete rebuild. Anthony already looked after the owners more modern racing stable and his remit was to produce a fast but reliable racing engine. The 1927 2-litre AC engine was stripped and re-built to racing spec. After all, what else would you do with a historic racing special. The car now has a steel billet crank, racing rods and pistons, racing camshaft, new cylinder head, valve gear you get the picture. In addition the steering and brakes were overhauled and set up correctly. She now just needs using…….

But sadly, during the last couple of years, the owners personal circumstances have changed and vintage racing is no longer a priority. Hence the Acedes Nash is now on the market and looking for a new custodian. But what a find. The car is in mint condition. Everything has been done and it is ready to take out and race immediately.

For those wanting the full story, the history of the car is well documented in John Bolster's book... "Specials" and has also been very well documented in three articles in the Frazer Nash Gazette. (available on request) With the car are several amazing albums of photographs and newspaper cuttings showing the development of the car since its earliest days and with its various owners.

A summary of the history follows:-1926 Frazer Nash ‘Boulogne model’ acquired new by R. Plunkett-Greene and subsequently actively raced by him, including 1928 Brooklands 200 mile race. (John Kerridge believed this to be the case, although others have questioned if it was Plunkett-Greene's car that was used. There is no doubt however that the chassis of a 1926 Frazer Nash was used in the construction of this special.)

1932 The Anzani- engine Horstmann acquired by C. Lestrange Metcalf. In October, he placed 3rd in Cumberland Junior Handicap at Brooklands.

1932 Abbot Nash created by Metcalf, using the Boulogne Frazer Nash and twin Carburetor Anzani engine from Horstmann car, and a fabric body by Abbott of Farnham. In September, Abbot-Nash placed 2nd in Yorkshire Long Handicap at Brooklands.

1933 Metcalf won second March sprint and Junior Long Handicap in August at Brooklands.

1937 Abbot-Nash acquired by Peter Neale, who replaced Anzani engine with 1927 manufactured AC Acedes 2 litre.

1938 Peter Neale enters Prescott and Shelsley Walsh, largely with the Abbott body. By September car is back at Shelsley minus bodywork!

1939 The Acedes Nash has new lightweight alloy body fitted by Peter Neale. Driven at Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and Backwell. In June, Peter takes FTD at Great Auclum Hill climb, beating Fane in 328 FN-BMW…1945 Acedes Nash acquired by Michael Christie.

1946 Chassis greatly shortened, radiator now positioned in front of the front axle, with the engine also moved forward.

1947 Entered at Prescott May, and Shelsley Walsh September tail altered sloping downwards like GN spider.

1948 Streamline aluminium body built by Alexander Engineering, Driven by Michael Christie at Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and at Great Auclum.

1949 Acquired by Jack Williamson and driven by him at Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and Blandford. Experienced major crash at Prescott.

1953 Acquired by David Allen and Monty Vaughan, who rebuilt the car as a two-seater.

1957 Several races and hill climbs, including 2nd all comers Vintage race at September Goodwood driven by Allan.

1958 First place in the upto 3-litre class at VSCC Oulton Park driven by Allan, 3rd place Prescott August Monty Vaughan driving.

1961 Acquired by John Kerridge and shipped to America.The Registration number RHO 458 was recovered from the DVLA when the car arrived back in the UK in 2014. This was the number carried when registered as a road car by David Allan in 1957. The original Acedes Nash radiator badge was found by chance at a collectors' fair recently and now proudly adorns the radiator.

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