Frazer Nash TT Rep

The Frazer Nash TT rep is possibly one of the most instantly recognisable models of the exciting and charismatic F-N chain drive cars. In recent years I have seen these cars gaining in popularity, with cars often been snapped up behind closed doors. So it’s refreshing to be able to offer this particular TT rep to the open market.

The car I offer didn’t leave the London Road works in her current form, and her early origins are unknown. However importantly many of her major components are original. It is thought that during the 1980s a genuine accident damaged chassis was acquired by Stefan Kukuruzovic, who paired the lesser-damaged chassis rail along with one new replacement. His quest to have as many original components as possible found him in the garages of many FN luminaries purchasing any spares he could get out of them! Tony Hill from Cumbria was entrusted to build the ash body frame and this was then panelled by Alan Dunn.

Tony Leedal eventually purchased the car, following the completion of YXG 840. Tony had the car for many years and improved it considerably. During this time it went on raids to Sicily and to Croatia, so it is well known in the FN Club, Tony put the car up for sale in 2015 where it was purchased less its BMW engine by our vendor.

He seized the opportunity to create the most sought after Frazer Nash model and fulfill the dream of owning a TT Rep with an original 4ED Meadows engine!

After much searching, a Meadows engine, in need of a complete rebuild was found under the bench at Brewster Mudie. Jeremy Brewster was commissioned to produce a usable fast road spec engine with new billet steel crank, new rods and pistons, a twin port, deflector head, new valves and rocker gear. All the engine ancillaries have also been replaced with new or refurbished.

The under bonnet is finished off with a wonderful pair of bronze bodied, wine glass SUs. The car also benefits from having a magneto/distributor conversion. She is very tractable with good low down torque but still happy at high revs. Running-in is still the main objective though as the engine has done few miles. 

On completion of the engine, attention turned to the rest of the car, thoroughly working through every component. Once these works were completed, Hugh Murry produced a new bonnet with the correct louvres with spacing’s to original factory spec, along with new under trays. YXG840 was then sent to Haslam's Body Restorers for final detailing and to have the new bonnet colour matche

The only job left to do was to replace the non-original front axle with an original one! After much searching one was sourced along with original radius arms, which are now fitted.

It is my pleasure to offer YXG840 to the open market, fresh from detailed restoration complete with very desirable Meadows engine and ready for immediate Nash raiding…. YXG840  comes with all the relevant receipts covering the recent works along with VSCC Buff Form.
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