Vauxhall D Type 25hp

Vauxhall D type Chassis D3373, what a fascinating history we have in front of us here. The car presents in a mellow don’t be frightened to use me condition, on the button and ready to go anywhere.

Once discharged, Civilian records and know history start at first registration on the 7th April 1921. Purchased by Cotton Mill owner Edward Peers colour “Khaki”. It is thought Mr Peers purchase D3373 directly from the war department in 1921.

1939 Edward Peers donated D3373 along with two other cars to the Civil defence committee. D3373 spent the entirety of the war stationed at Bury Fire Station. D3373 then being returned to the Peers family in May 1945 where she was registered to a Robert Peers. Upon the death of Robert in 1958, D3373 was bequeathed to his gardener Mr Greenhalgh who lived in one of the worker's cottages at the same address. A short time later motor dealer Ronald Barker of Bolton purchased D3373 utilising D3373 as a promotion vehicle for his Vauxhall and commercial vehicle business before finally disposing of her in 1966. According to a letter on file from Ronald Barker, the letter states that in 1924 "Wilson & Stockall of Bury" re-bodied D3373 as a Shooting Break "featuring all English oak body, a real masterpiece with dovetail joints pegged and glued.  This would have been an ideal body for when she was stationed at Bury Fire Station during WWII.

The vendor has owned D3373 numerous times over the last forty-five years first becoming acquainted in 1973 where an extensive multi-year restoration was completed including new ash frame made to the original pattern having been copied from an original Kington tourer. This was skinned by Peels of Kingston, this was then painted by Tula Engineering. The Leather upholstery was completed under the short custodianship of Paul Jay. Eventually returning to the vendor in 2001 where she has been enjoyed extensively even featuring in a BBC 2 program hosted by Dan Cruickshank in 2006.

In summery mechanically there many features of the car original coachwork details and fittings still retained I feel the bonnet, instruments, dashboard and forward part of he body. Mechanically she is original matching numbers, also with the 1921 issued registration number EN1596. The style of the coachwork is to original specification "Kington body" being completed forty-some years ago along with the leatherwork the car has a mellow, please enjoy me feel about her. Mechanical works have been completed when and where necessary since the 1970’s restoration, all being details in the accompanying history files.  

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